I Am

Every year during the season of Lent, I like to try to do something to better myself or help me prepare for the culmination of the season, which is Easter Sunday. In 2011, I didn’t have to search for that something, but was given a challenge for Lent instead. My church pastor had developed a Lenten sermon series for each Sunday leading up to Easter. The series discussed the “I Am” sayings of Jesus and how we can apply and live these teachings in our own lives. For my Lenten devotion, I decided to create seven art pieces to visualize each week’s “I Am” saying. Each piece was done using charcoal pencil on 9 by 12 inch paper and depicted how I felt each scripture lesson could be visualized.

The combination of all the pieces together entitled “I AM,” depicted a reflection of my Lenten journey through artistic expression.  The series can hopefully provide, for those who see it, a different perspective for his or her own Lenten journey.