Nate and Claire

Growing up just south of the city of bridges in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I always had an affinity for art, coloring and drawing. I gravitated to graphic design in middle school and high school and began college by pursuing a graphic design degree at Saint Vincent College. In my second year, I decided to add a second major in computer science; technology being another area I had always found interesting. Graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, my newly rounded skillset landed me in web development for American Eagle Outfitters.

My professional career at AEO has treated me well and granted me the opportunity to move away from development and into management, which I’ve found very fulfilling. As my day to day job has always been focused technically, it’s become a blessing in disguise that has allowed me to use my personal time outside of work to continue to explore the right side of my brain.

Laura and Claire

In college I fell in love with the silkscreen printing process, which is the bulk of what I enjoy today. I’m also an avid golfer and enjoy cycling, hiking and the outdoors.

As a new dad, I’m loving the new adventures of fatherhood with my wife Laura and my daughter Claire. I hope to pass long my love of art to Claire and that she’ll someday appreciate the art her dad’s created over the years.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of my best pieces that I’ve featured here on my little corner of the internet.

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